New media use and public perceptions of crime seriousness. The Media Politics of Crime and Criminal Justice Beyond Retribution: Conceptualizing Restorative Justice and Exploring its Determinants Cultural peers and penal policies: A configurational approach toward mapping penal landscapes How and Why Do Criminal Justice Public Policies Spread Throughout U.S. States? A Critical Review of the Diffusion Literature The teacher gave us this for more refrence about the paper you can do murder if you want, and you can explore how it portrayed in movies and in music videos. Or you can do gun violence and how it portrayed in music videos and reality tv. If you have other ideas let me know. Also pleas let me know what you decide on before you start. Thank you please use APA format, and 5 peer reviewed article as resources at least. No copy and paste because the teacher is using a software to check for copy and paste. CRJ 5995/7995 Term Paper Instructions For your term paper, you will pick one criminal justice topic and explore it in two different media. I want you to explore the different ways different media investigate, present, and discuss particular topics. For example, you could look at the different ways domestic violence is portrayed within both television dramas and in music. From there, you will make an argument about this topic based on the media you chose. Notice patterns between examples from one media when compared to another. For example, you could argue that “Television dramas tend to portray battered victims as ‘deserving’ their assaults while music tends to side with the victims and portray the abusers as ‘evil.’” You will need at least four specific examples (two from each medium) from which to compare. You can include more than those four examples if they tend to support whatever argument that you will be making on that topic. Each paper should include an introduction to the topic that contains your thesis statement and argument. Then, each paper should include peer-reviewed sources about that topic to share what is scientifically known about that topic. You may include ways in which the topic is presented within the media in this case, but it is not necessary. From there, introduce your media and your examples. Be sure to cite the information on your examples (writers, producers, actors, year produced, where you found it, etc.). Present the patterns and the arguments and make your conclusion. Undergrad 5995 Students: You must have 5 peer-reviewed articles sourced within your paper. Your paper should be between 8 to 10 pages long.

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