(a) The U.S. has a high rate of violent crime compared to other countries, please discuss the differences in homicide as outlined in your text. Why are homicide statistics a reliable source of data? What is Michael Moore’s explanation (from the movie)? Do you think that there is any truth to it? Why or why not? Please be specific and bring in examples. Why do YOU think there is a high rate of violent crime in the United States? (b) Summarize the Frontline film ‘Gunned Down’. What is the premise and what are the real issues here? How has the NRA worked to stop meaningful legislation? Do you agree with their actions? If you had the power to pass gun legislation what would you do and why? Please justify your answer – either way. (c) Although the U.S. has a high rate of violent crime compared to other similarly situated countries,its homicide rate is nowhere close to the countries with the top 10 homicide rates in the world. Please discuss the commonalities of the factors in these countries that contribute to their high homicide rate. (d) Why can Japanese kids walk to school alone?

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