You should not be concerned with the proper format of a memorandum. I’m not going to grade on whether you get the format right, and would actually prefer if you simply wrote a regular paper. What is important, though, is that you write two full pages as required. If, for example, you add a giant memo header that takes up half of page one, that header will not contribute at all towards your two page requirement. Please write two pages and preferably not in “memo” style. You must cover ALL THREE of the potential recipients, and explain how you “ruled them out”. For each one you did not choose, you need to explain why you did not do so. Please also fully explain why you chose the one you did choose. The three potential recipients are Jerry, Ozzie, and Lisa. The doctor is NOT a potential recipient. Make sure that you include a reference to JS Mill in your work as that is required in the directions and is often skipped by students. You may have to use the web to find more on his theories. Here is one link to get you started. There are many web pages that cover JS Mill’s work. If you do not include JS Mill and one other theorist, you will lose points.

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