Application Activity 1: Interview someone at the company of your choice who handles network administration or a help desk professional who handles the administration of any of the operating systems identified in this course. It is important to select an individual that has a functional knowledge of identifying types of cyber-attacks, designing and implementing measures to respond to such an event, and understands different forms of malicious code. While an in-person interview is preferred, you can also conduct this interview by phone or e-mail. During your interview be sure to inquire as to the individual’s job title and daily responsibilities. Also, be sure to discuss the problems that exist with monitoring network activity, to include access controls, cryptography, and identifying malicious code. In addition, note the features of operating systems that typically benefit organizations in terms of security benefits. Lastly, inquire as to the career potential that exists in network security and related fields. Feel free to ask many additional questions, as these questions are given to ensure key areas are identified. Once you have concluded your interview, gather your data and draft a report detailing the information gained as a result of the interview. Your report should be a minimum of 5 pages excluding the title page and references. There must be a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed sources included.

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