Chapter 9: The Executive Branch: What aspects of the formal role of a Texas governor demonstrate why it is considered weak? How does the governor use informal powers to demonstrate to the public the strength of the governor’s role? How does the appointive power of the governor provide him with fundamental management power? Do you think appointive power creates a positive or negative impact on the government of Texas? What is the most direct legislative tool used by the governor since he does not have lawmaking authority? How did Governor Perry’s long tenure allow him to “control” the judicial branch of the state government? Chapter 5: Campaigns and Elections Questions How has the rise of social media changed the relationship between candidates and voters? Research the recently passed Voter I.D. law in Texas. Formulate a position for or against the measure. Look for credible newspapers and sources for this. Tell me how you came to your decision. Pull up a website for the Texas Secretary of State found at and compare turnout in primaries and general elections. Look at the stark differences between turnout for presidential elections, primaries, gubernatorial elections, and constitutional amendments. What are your thoughts on this? I expect a well thought out answer, so please elaborate and think hard on this.

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