Cryptography has been around for over a thousand years. Throughout these years, technology and time have impacted the importance of protection through cryptography. Develop a high-level timeline that identifies 15 important events in cryptography over the past 2,000 years. The timeline should be in chronological order and include the major milestones focused on ancient versus modern cryptographic systems and techniques. Include the following in each milestone: Date of the event (specific date of the event, when possible) Who or what triggered the event Who was impacted by the event The student may use any tool, such as Microsoft® Word, Publisher, or PowerPoint®, and sites such as ReadWriteThink, Timeline JS, or timetoast, etc., to develop the timeline. The timeline must include at least 15 events over the past 2,000 years. create a timeline like it says in the instructions because of I’m not familiar with how to do it but there are example websites that you can use to create one.There is also tools that you can use which i would prefer like microsoft word or powerpoint if your able to use those just let me know thanks for your help.Also if you could please include references on where you got the information for the assignment in APA format

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