Design a class named Automobile that holds the vehicle identification number, make, model, and color of an automobile. Include methods to set the values for each data field and include a method that displays all the values for each field. Create a class diagram and write the pseudocode that defines the class. To see a sample class diagram, look at Figure 10-6 on page 438. To see a sample of the pseudocode for the same class, look at Figure 10-7 page 439. The class diagram and pseudocode may be submitted in a Word document/. I created the visual logic program that does this exact same thing, but the instructor changed his want for the lab, and wants it in pseudocode in word document and it should work properly as well The book we are using is the Programming Logic and Design, Eighth Edition, Please see the example, I copied this from the book from page 439. I am unsure of specifically what “language” it is, I think it would be Java?

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