Designing the Office Space Using the fact pattern from Unit 5, write a 4- to 5-page design plan for a law office. In your design plan, be sure to explain why you have chosen particular designs (for example, “I have chosen to paint the lobby yellow, because [be sure to explain how it fulfills one of the law firm’s needs]”). Though a drawing is not required, you may find it helpful to create a drawing before writing your design plan. To give you some ideas for your Unit 7 Assignment, browse, including “Can I do it myself?” Remember, the design plan should reflect the needs of the law firm: Budgetary constraints Future growth anticipated Physical location Amenities Client needs Ergonomic considerations Allows for maximum efficiency Fact Pattern You are about to start work for a solo practitioner in a metropolitan area of about 1 million people. The office will be located just outside of the downtown area. The solo practitioner for whom you work engages in a general practice of law, but emphasizes civil practice and family law. She engages in almost no criminal defense work except where it is requested either by an existing client or as part of a civil matter. She has been in practice for about 5 years. Prior to that, upon graduation from law school, she clerked for two years for an associate judge of the state supreme court. She spent 6 months with a medium-sized firm, then decided to open her practice. Her current office is in the downtown area where she and a secretary/receptionist conduct her practice. You will be her first legal assistant. Her practice continues to grow, in part, because she is a very competent attorney, and, in part, because her manner and approach encourages clients to seek her services. She has no time to organize her office and has no operating manuals or procedures. She uses time-management software, but lists her former clients on three-by-five cards, which she uses to check for conflicts of interest. One of the sites that she is considering is shared office space with five other solo practitioners. She is also considering a suite of offices adjacent to the mid-sized firm for which she used to work. Image and philosophy are very important to her, and she has told you that she expects you to assist her in developing statements about both for her practice.

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