Develop a written essay of 4-5 pages total (not including title page and reference list) to fully provide the requested information regarding the following two topics: Topic 1: Fully describe the overall concepts of homeland security and homeland defense.Construct a response that provides the following related to both homeland security and homeland defense: Primary missions, tasks, duties, responsibilities, operations, etc. for each broad initiative. Resources needed/utilized to address them Highlight those responsibilities and efforts that shared between the two Lastly, provide your definition of homeland security. Topic 2: Provide an overview of our nation’s critical infrastructure with an emphasis on the following: It’s relationship to homeland security and homeland defense Specific resources needed to protect it adequately Offer your assessment concerning our nation’s current infrastructure protection efforts For identified vulnerabilities, in what ways should they be addressed? Length: 4-5 pages total (excluding required title page and reference list), double-spaced, 1″ margins, 12 pitch type in Times New Roman font. Sources: A minimum of4-5 academically acceptable sources are to utilized. Sources for this assignment are to come from both assigned readings and that obtained from conducting own research. You are not limited to the pages assigned from each document but are limited to those documents only to defend and support your argument/claims. Citations/References: You must use APA (Parenthetical in-text) style for citations and reference list this assignment (no endnotes or footnotes).

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