ENGG 123 – Engineering Design and Communications Impact of Technology on Society – Marking Guide Spring/Summer 2016 /20 COMMUNICATION & USE OF LANGUAGE Grammar and spelling Appropriate for the target audience Clarity Writing style (does it make sense? is it awkward? are there several spelling or grammatical errors?) 5 FORMATTING Reference list properly formatted Section headings (and subsections) appropriately named and numbered /10 ABSTRACT Can the reader understand what the entire report is about from the abstract? Is it the appropriate length, in the appropriate location? 15 INTRODUCTION Is the technology adequately described with sufficient detail (background information)? (5 marks) Is the objective(s) of the paper explicitly stated? (5 marks) Is the scope of the paper explicitly stated? (5 marks) /40 ANALYSIS OF THE TECHNOLOGY’S IMPACT Demonstration of analytical skills and critical thinking skills Depth and breadth of analysis: was just one aspect of the technology considered or several aspects? Were the impacts on just one component of society examined, or several components? Were both positive and negative impacts analyzed? Demonstration of the ability to support the claims made by the author Ability to identify key issues regarding the impact of the technology on society /10 APPROPRIATE USE OF REFERENCES Correct in-text citations with corresponding full reference in the reference list Use of credible sources /100 DEDUCTIONS: Each time a figure (or table) is not referred to within the report, deduct 5 marks. Each time a figure (or table) that was copied from somewhere else and not referenced, deduct an additional 5 marks. Plagiarism = 0 Engineering ENGG 123 – Impact of Technology on Society – Assignment 4 You will research and report on an assigned topic related to technology and its impact(s) on society. Your submission (Turnitin) will be a short paper (5-6 pages in length, not counting references, double-spaced, 12-point Time New Roman font, one inch margins). Your objective is to illustrate and discuss, in your own words, how a single technology, or type of technology, can have a significant impact on society and transform the way society functions economically, socially, and/or politically. Additionally, these significant impacts may be related to the health and welfare of the society or the environment. The impacts should be far-reaching, and not local in nature. Examples of significant achievements can be found on the National Academy of Engineering website (www.greatachievements.org). You may use this website as a starting point for your assigned topic, but you must incorporate at least two other reputable (credible) sources (references) in your report. You must choose a topic from the list below, based on your LAST (family) NAME. Please select one (1) topic that is within your category. You may not ‘trade’ topics with another student. You must select one of the topics in your category.

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