Entity-Relationship Diagrams [10 points] Draw an entity-relationship diagram for the following scenario. Your diagram must include entities, attributes, relationships primary & foreign keys for all entities cardinality & modality for all relationships as stated in the scenario. Follow the notation presented in Weeks 3 & 4. You must use software to draw your diagram, e.g., Microsoft Word/PowerPoint, LibreOffice Impress/Draw or draw.io. Paste a screenshot of your completed diagram into your Assignment Answers document. Scenario: The core business rules of the Uber information system to draw the ERD are: A driver (defined by: DriverID, Driver Name, DOB) drives at least one car (defined by: CarID, Rego Number, Make), but may drive more than one car. Each car is driven by exactly one driver. A car is registered in exactly one area (defined by: CityID, City Name) and each area can have several registered cars. A car can fulfil more than one ride (defined by: RideID, Ride Date, Ride Time, Kilometres), but a car may not have fulfilled any ride. Each ride is fulfilled by exactly one car. A customer (defined by: CustomerID, Customer Name) can request more than one ride, but a customer may not have requested any ride. Each ride is requested by exactly one customer. Note: DriverID, CarID, CityID, RideID, and CustomerID are unique identifiers. The complete diagram consists of 48 items. An item is: an entity / an attribute / a key (primary or foreign) / a relationship / a cardinality / a modality. For each item that is correct, you get 0.2 points. In addition, you get up to 0.4 points for presentation (that is, if everything is readable and unambiguous).

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