Executive Brief on Writing Secure Software or J2EE Create a PowerPoint presentation on Writing Secure Software or J2EE for your supervisor. Your supervisor wants you to present information to the top-level executives as it relates to securing the company’s web-based applications that generate revenue for the organization. You may create a fictitious company if you prefer. Within this presentation you will focus on giving executives fluency sit relates to the two reading assignments for this unit. Your presentation should not be more than 15 slides. Remember to cite your information in APA format for this project. Components of the presentation include the following: Describe J2EE, and securing the company’s web-based applications that generate revenue for the organization. Be a minimum of 12 slides and a maximum of 15 slides, not including the title or reference Slides. Include pictures in your presentation, and use at least two other sources other than your textbook for your presentation information. Include between five and six abbreviated bullets for each slide, approximately 24-point font. Your presentation should be written in APA style with appropriate citations and references. Include a title slide at the beginning of your presentation and a references slide at the end of your presentation for your resources. When creating the presentation, craft it in a “business professional” manner with appropriate text proportions, consistent and professional font, and appropriate images to present your information. While some features of PowerPoint may be “cool” or good at catching attention, it may not be suitable for presenting professional information and driving home your point. Format the writing in your own words using APA style, and include citations and references as needed to avoid instances of plagiarism.

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