FiredUp, Inc. is a small business owned by Curt and Julie Robards. Based in Brisbane, Australia, FiredUp manufactures and sells lightweight camping stoves. The three models currently offered are: FiredNow, FiredAlways, and FiredAtCamp. Burt, who previously worked as an aerospace engineer, invented and patented a burning nozzle that enables the stoves to stay lit in very high wind – up to 90 miles per hour. Julie, an industrial engineer by training, developed the elegant folding design – small, lightweight, easy to set up, and very stable. The Robards manufacture the stoves in their garage and they sell directly to their customers over the Internet, by fax, and through postal mail service. In addition to sales, the owners are selling spare parts for each of their stoves, and they are also making stove repairs. Some repairs are at no charge because they are within the stove warranty period; other repairs are made at a charge for parts only; and still others are made for parts and labor. The owners of FiredUp need to keep track of the stoves they have sold in case they should ever need to contact their users regarding product failures or other produce liability matters. They also think that someday they may use their customer list for marketing additional products if and when they develop any. To gather this information, a product registration form asks for the following: Purchaser Name, Street Address, Apartment Number, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, Country e-mail addresses (multiple), Phone Numbers (multiple), Data of Purchase and Serial Number. Additional Data captured by the owners includes: Stove Manufacture Date, Inspector Initials, Invoice Number, Date, Item(s), and Costs(s), if applicable; Repair Number, Description, Item(s), Cost(s), and Total Amount of the Repair; and Part Number, Description, Cost, and Sale Price. Create a class diagram of a database for FiredUp. Grading for this assignment will come from the following components (50 points total): Class Diagram (40 Points) Definition of Keys (5 points) Definition of Relationships (5 points)”

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