General Guideline. Use MS Word to create an MS Word document of the text of the slides of a PowerPoint presentation. Add your project’s name to the document’s header. Center the header. At the beginning of the document, on its own page, insert a numbered list of the document’s paragraph names. The paragraph names briefly describe the paragraphs’ contents. Add your name as the document’s footer. Add special one-line indents to each paragraph. The MS Word document must contain at least 8 paragraphs. Each paragraph must contain at least four sentences. Use MS PowerPoint to create an MS PowerPoint presentation. Copy the MS word document to the PowerPoint slides. Apply transitions and timed and mouse-click slide advances to each slide. Add at least one picture to each slide. Use clipart if you cannot find pictures. A slide’s pictures and the slide’s text must be related to one another. Write your name as the slides’ footer. #.1 Use MS Word to write text for a MS Power Point slide show about one of the following topics input devices output devices storage devices motherboards processors memory ports the cloud Your word text should list, define and describe the important characteristics of the devices belonging to the topic that you choose. For example, the refresh rate is a very important characteristic of monitors. The word document should contain at least 4 paragraphs. Add pictures.

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