Goal For Project TASSLA (Tiny Assembly Language), you will implement a program that interprets and executes the instructions of a small program written in the TASSLA language, which is a language similar to assembly. Project TASSLA will be implemented in C, using the Linux environment provided in the course VM. For Part #1 of this project, your program will: read a TASSLA program from the shell command line store the TASSLA program instructions and its variables in the provided data structures For Part #2 of this project, your program will: execute the program instructions stored in Part #1 of the project NOTES: You must use the data structures and print functions provided, which are posted in cuLearn. Solution code will not be provided. Every student or group must implement the code in both Parts #1 and #2. Project TASSLA is worth 15% of your final grade, with Part #1 worth 8% and Part #2 worth 7%.

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