How is the protection of privacy, personal and corporate information, and information technology an example of ethical conduct? Why? This may seem to be a straightforward and easy question, but an important one. How should ethical reasoning and secure practices be employed in each phase of the systems development process to help mitigate threats to privacy, personal and corporate information, and information technology? Please explain your responses. Then, in your response to others and your instructor, pose questions and/or reflections that further exploration and discussion on these topics.Write a discussion post on the discussion topic listed below. Discussion post must be at least 250-350 words long with proper punctuation, capitalization, and grammar. Support your discussion post with at least 3 sources (articles/journals) written/published in the United States of America within the last 5 years. Consult the grading rubric to ensure requirements are met for this segment of the assignment. Discussion Topic:

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