Review the following resources before completing this task: URL Registering a Domain Name Caching Tutorial HTTP Cookies Explained– The origins, meaning, and use of cookies HTML4 and HTML5 Tutorial– For the basics of HTML and CSS (Writing in HTML is not required in this course; however, try some of the examples in the tutorial.) Then, using the Final Project Scenario provided, prepare a brief descriptive summary of the networking configuration of the wired visual configuration from the diagram provided and use this to create and describe a Visio diagram to represent a wireless networking configuration appropriate for the company. Describe all aspects of the network using IT terminology. For the web consult, summarize at least 10 of the key components of a potential website, provide and justify practical suggestions to improve the quality of the website, and identify a current website that models the two suggestions. Submit both summaries in one Word document with supporting screenshots embedded in the document.

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