Individual Assignment #2 (rev) (Please use references and properly cite sources) This assignment has two parts. The minimum length for both parts is three pages single spaced (or six pages double spaced). Charts and graphs are encouraged but they count only up to half a page towards the three-page count. Using the Internet or the library, find an article about an IT project that failed. Part 1: Using the IT project risk framework (Marchewka), identify at least four explicit or implicit risks that may have impacted the project. For each of the risks you identify, provide an analysis of the risk, assign one of the Risk Strategies (Marchewka) (accept or ignore, avoidance, mitigate, transfer) and summarize your response in terms of: Risk Description – describe the risk. Risk Impact – how did the occurrence of the threat (or opportunity) affect the project? Risk Response – (since this already occurred) two parts: (1) what was the response to the risk and how effective; (2) if you had been creating and maintaining a risk management plan, what would your planned recommended response have been? Part 2: What other risks would you have tracked for this project? Summarize your response in terms of: Risk Description – (as above) Risk Trigger – what may alert you of this risk Risk Ranking – how serious might this risk be Recommended Response – (as above)

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