Individual Project Content: Addresses each prompt, demonstrates an understanding of the subject, and shows critical thinking skills (90 points possible):55 Technical: Has good APA format and was presented in essay format (5 points possible):1 Technical: Grammar is at college level and paper is free of errors relating to sentence structure, capitalization, and spelling (5 points possible):5 XXXXX, thank you for your submission. I think you have a good start here, but I want you to work on a few things in the future. First, please work on the in text citations. A citation is comprised of the original author’s last name and the year of publication for the article you are referencing. There are many sentences that need citing, and make sure you are using the appropriate citations for quotes when you quote. If you use information form a source, you must give credit to that source. If you make an assertion of opinion or fact then you have to support that opinion or fact with information from an academic source.

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