Interpersonal Analysis Assignment Select and watch a movie of your choice – then in no more than 700 words, and no less than 350 words, write an Interpersonal Analysis that contains the following: A brief synopsis of the movie you watched Identify the communication climate at the beginning, middle and end of the movie. If there was a change in the climate, what influenced the change? Identify the dialectical tension(s) between the protagonist and antagonist, and how that tension was managed/resolved Indicate whether the Dimensions of Intimacy were present, if so; list the one(s) you observed and how they impacted/influenced the central theme of the movie. Your work must be submitted via email as a word document, 1.5 space, 12 Times New Roman font. In addition to the four bullet points above, grammatical construction and proper structure (i.e. following the outline format – Introduction Body and Conclusion) will form the basis for your possible 100 points. The completed work is due no later than Wednesday 4th May 2016 at midnight (12:00)

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