IT Auditing and Security Risk Management Unit 2 IP (ITAS669 – 1604C – 01) Please provide information that has been certified as not similar to anything else on the internet or schools. I will not accept anything above 20% similarity according to my school verification. Please respond to my additional questions within 24 hours. To assist PVSS, your contract has been expanded to also create a risk assessment. In addition, PVSS management has asked for information on the vulnerabilities, threats, and exploits. In a report of 2–3 pages to PVSS management, include the following: Describe the process needed to create a risk assessment. What are the vulnerabilities, threats, and exploits? As part of the description of risk assessment, include the definition of these three terms. For a typical network environment (that includes an Internet-facing Web Site, a human resources database and application, and development workstations that contain copyrighted material), describe some typical devices or assets and vulnerabilities that might be encountered. List and describe at least 4. Please prepare your report to include the following sections with the given headings and section numbers: (1) Abstract (2) Process needed to create a risk assessment (3) Vulnerabilities, threats, and exploits (4) Four typical devices or assets and vulnerabilities that might be encountered (5) Conclusion (6) References

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