Microprocessor Product Line Research Description: Go to both the Intel and AMD websites to research and become somewhat familiar with each of their microprocessor product lines. Both companies manufacture microprocessors that specially target the following general categories of computers: Desktop PC’s Servers and Workstations Notebooks and other portables Each product line from both companies contains MANY different microprocessor models. You are NOT being asked to report on all of the models. Instead, do your best to highlight the general features, provide an overview of, and denote the differences between the product lines. As you format your report, you should consider providing some of the bullet items listed below in your report. Fabrication technology (how many transistors, how many microns or nanometers) Number of “Core” and their interconnection types Memory architecture support (think [email protected], or DDR3, dual- channel, tri-channel) Range of internal of internal cache types and sizes Types of socket or slot, number of pins Operating voltage Range of internal clock speeds Any other details that you find to be of interest.

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