Mobile Adventures LLC develops and distributes adventure games for Apple (iOS) and Android smartphones and tablets. The company currently has three popular games in distribution and is developing two more. Customers pay an initial fee to download each game plus an annual subscription fee for continued access to the company’s servers for multi-user play. The company also places mobile advertising within the games as an additional revenue stream. Mobile Adventures collects a variety of data on each player, including the player’s e-mail address, type of mobile device, frequency and duration of game play, and highest level reached within each game. Each time a user views or clicks on an in-game ad is also recorded. You have been hired as a consultant by Mobile Adventures to advise them on how they can best realize additional value from their collected user data and how this data should be managed and protected. Research the topic of data management and protection and write a three- to five-page paper that addresses the following questions: How would you justify to Mobile Adventures’ executives that they should treat their player data as a valuable business asset? What are at least two ways in which Mobile Adventures could monetize (i.e., realize additional revenue from) the data they currently collect from game players? What are the major threats to Mobile Adventures’ data, and what policies and procedures would you recommend to mitigate these threats? The paper should be in APA format, double-spaced using 12-point Times New Roman font, with a cover page and reference list. The paper should include at least three references. The paper is of the required length and fully addresses topics provided. Examples and supporting details are provided for each main point. Authoritative sources are cited as support. The paper is at least 80% in the student’s own words (i.e., no more than 20% direct quotations from a source). The paper includes an introduction that generates interest in the topic and previews the main points to be covered, a body that develops each main point, and a conclusion that summarizes the main points covered. There is a logical flow of ideas throughout the paper. There is a clear thesis statement for the paper and a clear topic statement for each major section. Appropriate transitions are used between topics and subtopics.

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