Network Troubleshooting Create a short essay (1 to 3 pages) that analyzes three different network problems. Each problem will be presented to you in scenario form. In each scenario, your job is to describe the methodology that you use in your analysis of the problem and to identify the root cause of the problem. For this activity, you will examine each problem using command line tools only; you will not use any GUI based tools. Propose a troubleshooting plan to determine the root cause of the problem, and then describe the methodology that you use with each command line tool to execute your plan. Include in your discussion what you are trying to determine with the tools that you have selected, and how you actually use each tool. Someone should be able to read your plan, duplicate your work, and arrive at the same conclusions that you reach. Do not simply state your conclusion of the root cause of the problem. Describe the testing methodology that you use to arrive at your conclusion. Include your references at the end of your essay. Scenario 1: Your users cannot access the Google website at by URL. However, they can access the Google website by IP address. Scenario 2: Your users cannot access any computer that is located outside of their LAN. However, they can access computers on their LAN. Scenario 3: Many computers on your LAN are operating correctly on the network. However, when you reboot any computer on your LAN, then the rebooted computer does not have an IP address that is correct for your LAN.

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