Objectives Part 1: Researching WAN Connectivity Options Research major wide area networking (WAN) technologies and protocols that allow for the connecting and transfer of data between remote sites. The three WAN technologies and protocols you will be researching are frame relay; MPLS; and 3G–4G. Part 2: Lab Report Write-up The lab report is to be a minimum of five pages in length for the body of the report but can be as long as you wish to make it after meeting the five-page minimum. There is also to be a reference page at the end where you cite any materials you used in preparing this report. The reference page, Table of Contents, or any graphs and figures will not count as part of the five pages minimum for this report. You are to use APA formatting throughout. You will describe the basic features and functions of the three WAN technologies and protocols assigned above. If possible, list prices and service providers of these services. You are to focus on how the connections are made (leased lines, Internet, phone lines, etc.), equipment needed, and how the data is transmitted. This is to include what is done to the data to identify who it is from and where it is going and the possible speeds that the data can be transmitted at. With both wired, wireless, and transmission protocols being assigned, this will provide you with a good start in how data can be transmitted between remote locations.

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