Please submit your work directly in TRACS as a text/MS-word/PDF attachment by the due date/time. Please use only zip for compression. Your Program should follow the style specified in the Style Guideline posted on TRACS and the naming convention described in Assignment P1. For the programming part of the assignment, please submit only the source code of your program in C++. For the screenshots part of the assignment, please submit images in JPEG format. Please note that late work might result in a penalty. It will be graded only at the end of the semester. Please do not submit your assignment via email. If you miss the deadline, then please submit it on the TRACS Drop-Box and send me an email notification. I will be giving extra points (up to 2 points this time) to students that exceed the requirements posed in the assignments. For example, extensive testing, checking for exceptions, and usable user interface. Please submit enough screenshots showing compiling and execution under Linux.

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