Prepare a short write-up about “Dimensional Modeling”: i. what is dimensional modeling? ii. What are the steps and elements of dimensional modeling (? iii. What are the major issues with dimensional modeling? Review the Data Warehousing Schema Example (Ch1DatabaseExample.mdb) in the assignment folder. Then try to transform the tables in Northwind2000.mdb into the star schema for Data Warehouse use. Pay attention to the issues mentioned in readings this week. You may use the relationship function in Access database to print out the star schema you created and then past them into the word document for submission. Regarding the Data Warehouse, there are two architectures proposed by Kimball and Inmon respectively. The Kimball approach is described in this book, the Inmon approach is described in the “corporate information factory (CIF)” book and the basic elements are described in online sources like this: A cached copy is also attached in the folder. Please review them and then compare them. You may use a comparison table to list and compare their major characteristics. Does Inmon emphasize Bus Architecture in CIF? Why or why not? Please put all your answers into a word document and then submit via Turn-it-in link in this folder.

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