Project II – Text and Vision Intelligence(TOPIC Captcha Recognition) (COMP700, Semester II, 2016) The project report (7 pages) should be submitted to the AUT online Turnitin System before 4.30pm. (The Friday of Week 7) 1. Lab 1. Confirm the topic of your individual project. 2. Lab 1. Use Google Scholar to find a higher citation paper of your assigned project. Thoroughly understand this paper and select at least its 5 cited papers as your references in APA6 format. (1 page) 3. Lab 1. Search the relevant stuff of these papers including its web sites, source codes and data sets. Write an introduction of your project (1 page) 4. Lab 2. Fully understand the stuff at your hand, write a literature review report (Related Work) (1 page) 5. Lab 3. Fully understand the papers at your hand, write a method or approaches description report (1 page) 6. Lab 4. Objectively evaluate the experiments and results, write a resultant report including your experimental platforms and data sets, prototypes, evaluations, etc (1 page). 7. Lab 5. Analyze the results with comparisons, potential problems and suggest future work (1 page). 8. Lab 6. Put all your writings together and add your abstract and conclusion (0.5+0.5 page). In the conclusion section, please provide what you have learned from this project. 9. Lab 6. Report cross-reading for quality assurance. Submit the corrected report on time. Give a presentation before your peer classmates. Report assessment: • Formatting (APA6) and language presentation (10%) • Demonstration of an overall understanding (25%) Demonstration of a wide ranging literature survey (25%) • Discussion of various techniques identified (30%) Price can be negotiation.

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