Returning Warriors Organization (RWO) Returning Warriors Organization (RWO) is a rapidly-growing association in Washington, DC. Last year, Vietnam veteran William Jones has held the CEO role of the organization which has more than doubled in membership. It now has over 3,000 members and has added Cassandra Jenkins as Director. Prior to the rapid growth, most of RWO’s records have been in paper format. However, the organization’s business manager, Regina Collins, has emphasized the need for a computerized system to help meet its information needs and to manage activities. In addition to Ms. Collins, the organization employs a part-time administrative assistant, Martha Reynolds. Martha performs clerical duties such as filing, recordkeeping, answering phone calls, and producing the monthly newsletter to members using Word on a Windows personal computer. Shawn Johnson is a Desert Storm veteran who performs maintenance activities part-time in the evenings. Robert Duncan serves in a part-time paid marketing coordinator position, overseeing 25 volunteers who meet every Tuesday to prepare contribution letters to send to the membership.

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