Review the Electronic Reserve Readings, the Student SPL Grading Rubric (with specific attention to analysis and evaluation), the Student Scoring Guide, the AES Scaffolding Prompts, and AES Presentation. Write a 1,500- to 1,700-word paper analyzing and evaluating the relationship between information literacy as described in the literature and each aspect of the scholarship, practice, and leadership model in your professional context. Use the SPL model as a criterion for your analysis and evaluation. Explain the topic of information literacy as critical to your doctoral success in the introduction of your paper. Describe the findings of your analysis. Note. Pay special attention to the analytical operations mentioned in the rubric. State your analytical framework as derived from your analysis. Explain the assumptions underlying your conclusions (evaluation). Support your conclusions with informed, reasoned judgments that draw upon evidence from the literature. Consider the questions below to guide your analysis:

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