Security Plans, Policies, Procedures, and Models (15 points).a. Describe the key features of a Security Plan (What is it? Why is it important? What are its key parts? Who is it for? How does it work or not work? (problems with creating and implementing).b. What is the role of Security Policies and Procedures? (What is a Security Policy? What is a Security Procedure? How does each of them relate to the Security Plan? How do they relate to each other?)c. What is the purpose of a Security Model? (What do models do? How do they do it? What is in a model? What is not in a model?)2. Access Matrix Model, Access Control Lists (10 points)a. Describe the Access Matrix Model (Key features, and a graphic example)b. Describe the How Access Control Lists are used (Key features, graphic example)3. Bell-LaPadula Model (15 points)Describe the Bell-LaPadula Model (What kind of model is it? What are its key Features? What are its key Axioms? ( include a graphic example)

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