The analysis should be focus on the writer’s arguments/ claims/ evidence/ support/ logic/ etc. You may also raise important points that the writer failed to address. Please follow the intellectual standards and look particularly for weaknesses in the writer’s text. This is not asking whether you agree or disagree with author’s thesis. It is asking you to EVALUATE and ANALYZE the evidence, support, logic etc. The writing should begin with one paragraph for the summary, and then analyze each following point in a separate paragraph. You can use the “[The author] says/ claims/ uses/ etc._______but I think _______because__________”template to introduce the point of analysis for each body paragraph. You must analyze a minimum of two separate points(in two separate paragraphs). The words are 700 to 1000 words for the total assignment. The article is children need to play, not compete1-6. You can use intellectual standards Microsoft Word – Knutson Response Mod2.doc Knutson Response ModA is a simple essay how to write it.

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