Topic: 3d Printing In APA format, you will need to define the chosen topic, provide a brief description of the emergent technology, and write a thesis statement. Each proposal should include the following items. The name and a brief description of the emergent technology selected A thesis statement (Please note that a thesis sentence presents the central idea of the paper. It must always be a complete, grammatical sentence, it must be specific and brief, and it must express the point of view you are taking on the subject. This thesis statement will be included in the introduction of your final report.) Minimum 1-2 pages in length Grading RubricContent Points 5 10 10 5 Copy and pasted solutions will not be accepted. If you are going to use outside sources the 80/20 rule needs to be used. 80% your own words with 20% coming from your source. I will not accept 100% copied and pasted work. This assignment will be uploaded to a plagiarism detection software. Unitl the 80/20 rule is followed, I will NOT authorize me credit card to be processed for this advanced question,

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