Unit 3 Discussion: WAN Technologies Your company, Capelli Networks, has been hired to help a small skiing company in Vermont, with limited financial resources, expand their network. The company currently has a ski resort in Stratton Mountain, Vermont and is expanding into Stowe, Vermont, about 140 miles away. Each ski resort will have a lodging of 50 rooms and two restaurants. The company requires that each site has updated information for the other resort. They also have ideas about offering their visitors wireless connectivity to the Internet too but are unsure what is involved. You are on the team to develop a plan for the resorts to expand their network. What would WAN technology you recommend for this ski resort to connect their two locations to exchange data? Be sure to defend your recommendation. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the WAN technology you recommend? What wireless solution would you recommend for the resorts? How would you suggest that it be configured and why?

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