Unit 4 Case Project Questions Your company has been hired by Hogan Enterprises to expand the capabilities of their network, and you have been given the project. They have decided to first implement a new TCP/IP addressing scheme using VLSM. They have also expressed interest in wireless technology, as well as an overall concern for security of their network. All their employees are allowed to access the Internet. Many employees have asked about access to company resources from home so they can telecommute, for example, when the weather is bad. After meeting with members of their technical staff, you found they are currently running RIPv1 on a network consisting of seven routers, four of which are Cisco routers. In the meeting, they became more anxious about security threats since they had recently noticed curious events occurring on the network. They also told you that another consultant told them they would have to abandon RIP to be able to use VLSM. They want a second opinion, so they have hired your company. The company does not expect significant growth of employees in the next five years, but they are interested in updating its capabilities and better secure it. What are your recommendations concerning their move to VLSM? Was the other consultant right? What protocol would you recommend to meet their needs? How should it be implemented? What suggestions do you have for implementing wireless capabilities in the company? What suggestions do you have for securing their network? What security threats would they thwart? What recommendations do you have for implementing secure remote access? Save your answers in a one to two page Word document named Yourname_U4_Case.doc and upload it below. Your document should be professional in appearance. Properly cite all resources and do not plagiarize. Make sure to carefully proofread your file before submitting it.

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