Unit 5 Case Project Questions Your company, Winslow Networks, has been hired by Conner, Inc., a local company. You met with them last week and found they run IGRP on their 50-router network. They are considering upgrading to a more robust routing protocol and need your advice. During the meeting, someone on their team mentioned that OSPF may be a good option for them. They have asked you to pull together a comparison of EIGRP and OSPF and bring it to the next meeting. They would also like your ideas about the pros and cons between choosing one over the other, and which you think would be the best solution for them and why. Save your response in a one to two-page Word document named Yourname_U5_Case.doc and upload it to below. Your document should be professional in appearance. Properly cite all resources and do not plagiarize. Make sure to carefully proofread your file before submitting it.

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