Unit 5 Discussion: System Messages Now that you have worked with the Cisco IOS for a while, you’ve probably noticed the system generates activity messages throughout both your configuration sessions and during normal operations. This is helpful information when performing copy run start, configuring an interface or establishing an ACL. Some of these messages can be incredibly helpful, while others not so much. As with operating system activity logs, you have the ability to specify which Cisco device activities you want to be notified of – and also have several options of where you want these messages archived. Cisco has also gone so far as to provide severity levels regarding system messages. These range from 0 (emergency) to 7 (debugging), and by default all system message levels are displayed. Do some research on your own and pick three system messages you might receive on Cisco devices. Provide the error message title, a brief description of the error, and also include the severity level. Based on your findings, do you believe it is best to leave the default (all messages displayed) as is, or would you limit them to just the higher severity levels? Use outside sources to support your position. You must respond to at least two (2) of your classmates. Ask questions to get the conversation moving. To further enhance the discussion, return to your original post throughout the week and respond to a few of the comments and questions raised by classmates and instructor. If you do not know anything about the topics being discussed, research and come back to the board. Remember to provide proper APA citation for any resources you use and make sure to include the source links. Remember to proofread and spellcheck your discussion contributions before posting. For more information about discussion grading criteria, refer to the Discussion Forum Participation Policies and Rubric. Instructions To post to the discussion, click on the “Add a new discussion topic” button below. In the Subject line, enter a descriptive title for your post. You may copy/paste the text of your assignment into the Message text area. Alternatively, you can choose to type directly into the Message area. When you choose this option, please double check to make sure you have spelled everything correctly. Once you have finished with the message area, please press the “Post to forum” button. This will complete the submission process for your first post to your discussion assignment. To respond to a classmate’s post, click on their discussion post title. Click on the “Reply” link and respond in the same way in which you did for your first post.

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