With advances in technology, more and more people are becoming digitally literate. What is “digital literacy”? Research and define this term, and decide whether or not this is a necessary skill in today’s society. Be sure to support your opinion using researched facts and fully developed reasons. Here are my original thesis statement and my instructor’s response. Thesis: Digital literacy must develop in today’s society to be able to keep up with the rapid changes in technology and access a wide range of information. I still think I can better my thesis statement. I don’t believe it’s good enough and I keep on changing it. Any suggestions? Respond (an instructor response) where is digital literacy not developing? What is the opposing argument? You must be specific, and you must take a position in an issue of controversy. Your purpose is not to advise the reader. It is to convince the reader to your position in an issue over which reasonable minds might differ. Please review “An Introduction to Argument” and see chapter 2 in your text, “How to Develop a Research Topic into a LIne of Inquiry” (sec. 2.3)

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