Write a 5-8 page essay to compare and contrast two elicitation techniques. Introduction – Briefly describe the importance of elicitation and the two methods that will be discussed in the essay. Elicitation methods – Describe each method you selected and explain when and how I should be used to gather requirements. Explain how these methods compare to one another in a specific setting: For example, if the business problem is a process issue explain why one method may work better than the other at getting to the root cause of the problem to gather good requirements. If the problem is a system related process (an extra step required to key in data, etc.), explain how each method will help draw out requirements. Contrast the use of each method: Describe the usage considerations of each technique as recommended in the BABOK (hint – see chapter 9 for details). Discuss the differences in the context of a process improvement project. Conclusion – Do not simply reiterate the discussion points. Explain the significance of your research into the different elicitation methods. What did you find as the best usages for each method? Which method would best support the process for gathering complete and accurate requirements?

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