Write a program that prompts the user to enter two arrays of integers and displays the common elements that appear in both arrays. Note that the first number in the input indicates the number of the elements in the list. This number is not part of the list. Here is a sample run. Enter list1: 5 5 2 10 1 6 Enter list2: 9 2 3 10 3 34 35 67 3 1 The common elements are 2 10 1 Question 2: SEIS 601-Assignment4 Write a program that calculates the total average of each student in a class along with his/her letter grade and then displays information about the student with the highest score and the student with the lowest score and displays the list of all the students along with their exam scores, their total average and their corresponding letter grade. The program should also output the average of each test and the final average of the class. Assume ten students in the class, declare the following inputs: 1- An array that holds the last names of the students. 2- An array to hold the first names of the students. 3- An Array for the grades of Test 1 for each student. 4- An Array for the grades of Test 2 for each student. 5- An Array for the final exam grades for each student. To calculate the letter grades: 1- First write a method the finds the total average of each student assuming the weight for the final exam is 45%, and a weight of 25 % for the minimum grade between tests 1 and 2 and 30% for the test with the higher grades between Tests 1 and 2. 2- Based on the total average, write a method that finds the letter grade as follows: A if 90

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