For this 5-6 page (Double spaced, font size 12, Times New Roman) requirement, you are to narrate your experiences with a particular medium (i.e. Television)—starting from the first time you remember using and engaging with it up to the present. You can also note changes in access and/or practice (ie. conveniences of platforms such as Netflix that allow one to watch shows online on one’s tablet, etc.). You are encouraged to reflect on how it has currently shaped your identity/ies and ways of looking at media and mass communication. Alternatively, you can also write about your involvement with an online community or guild. In this case, you are also encouraged to look at the ways in which the community communicates and organizes itself, how the community may have helped in constructing your identity and ways of examining mass communication. In both cases, you must cite at least two readings. While both projects require personal reflections, please note that you are still required to follow conventions in academic writing. As such, informal language, such as those found in blogs or sites such as Buzzfeed are unacceptable.

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