Inferential statistical methods are widely used in research in order to conduct tests of differences for dependent or independent samples, analyse associations between different types of variables and establish relationships using models between dependent and independent variable(s). For this week’s Key Concept Exercise you will evaluate examples of inferential statistical analysis by discussing empirical results and the strengths, weakness and suitability of different statistical estimation and hypothesis testing procedures. To prepare for this Key Concept Exercise: Read the Required Learning Resources for Week 5. It is strongly recommended that you work through the Week 5 Test Your Knowledge Questions and while undertaking your reading. These are located with the Week 5 Learning Resources. To complete this Key Concept Exercise: In approximately 500 words, answer TWO of the FOUR questions in the file provided here on Inferential Statistical Analysis (PDF). Please find attached file WEEK 5 Example OLS Regression Be sure to read over your Key Concept Exercise before submitting it to your Instructor. Make sure the spelling and grammar are correct and the language, citing and referencing you use when providing your opinion are appropriate for academic writing.

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