Original work required, also make a 1200 word minimum APA format paper explaining each function/concept/tool and what the project is for(what made you think about it and its uses)Think business application (Walmart buyer analyzing sales to buy product and make decisions)Create your own project using 10 concepts/functions/tools are used in the example problems. This project can be something you develop for use at home, work, or school but must display the following criteria: Advanced Excel usage Organized Excel layout and formatting Efficient design Effective usage of tools like: Be sure to provide on a separate sheet within your workbook a detailed listing of the 10 items you are counting in your design to ensure you are getting full credit along with the reference page from the book where the items can be found. Remember, this has to be an original and graduate level project with an advanced understanding in excel and functions such as basic things like time and count to maximization and minimization and optimization in solver, histogram and descriptive statistics, pivot tables, correlation and regression and finally PowerPivot and DAX You make up your own. the example is a buyer for Walmart that need to analyze sales data using these functions in order to make inform decisions

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