After completing the lecture and reading assignments, write a 3-page (minimum 750 words) response to the following task: Complete Exercise 3:1, Personality Insights, and write a self-evaluation based on your results, incorporating illustrations and examples from your work. What do the results reveal about you to yourself? I completed the exercise assignment. I scored 2.8 on Assertive: Score measures the extent to which you see yourself as being aggressive I scored 2.8 on Equalitarian: Score measure means I see myself as being nonauthoritarian I scored 3.4 on Fair: Score measure means the extent to which you see the world treating you fairly I scored 4.4 on Introspective: Score measure means you see yourself thinking about things that go on around you and try to determine why they occur. I uploaded the powerpoints but, I do not think they will be needed. Basically with the assignment talk about the personality assertive, equalitarian, fair, and introspective. Discuss each one and what type of effect they have on personality whether it is good or bad. Then use the personality types and talk about how they can play a role in the workforce.

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