American craft ales as a category have seen enormous growth over the past 15 years. As a result of this resurgence in popularity, craft ales have come into the arena of food and beverage pairing as an important alternative to the oft-recommended bottle or glass of wine. Research and then discuss the importance of each main ingredient in the production of beer. Your discussion should include a brief history of how each of the styles of beer listed is produced and the importance of the ingredients used. Your discussion should focus on the following styles of beer: ◦India pale ale Stout Pilsner Wheat-based ales Lambic In your discussion of each beer style, include types of foods or specific dishes that would pair well with that beer style, and explain why. Along with a wide variety of beers, there are several types of distilled spirits, liqueurs and cordials. Research one distilled spirit, one liqueur, and one cordial, and describe how each is made.

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