Berman and Evans reference the American Customer Satisfaction Index in Table 20-3 of the textbook. Go to the ACSI website at and explore the website for a few minutes. Next, go to the National, Industry, and Sector Results page at Examine the customer satisfaction results and answer the following questions: Which sectors related to retail display the lowest ratings? From a retail strategy perspective, why do you think this is the case? From a retail strategy perspective, why do you think the sectors in the e-commerce industry earned the rankings that are reflected? Now, navigate to the page that shows benchmarks by company: Find a favorite retailer of yours on the list and examine the company’s rankings compared to its competitors. How can this benchmark information help inform a retailer’s strategy? If you were the CEO of the company you chose, what would you do to either improve or reinforce your company’s position on the benchmarking chart? No words limited 1-2 paragraphs are okay. Main point is to answer the questions.

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