BLAW 639 ASSIGNMENT NO. 2 Implied Warranties Shalom Malul contracted with capital Cabinets Inc. in 1999 for new kitchen cabinets made by Holiday Kitchens. The price was $10900. On Capitals recommendation, Malul hired Barry Burger to install the cabinets for $1600. Burger finished the job in March 2000, and Malul contracted for more cabinets at a price of $2300 which Burger installed in April. Within a couple of weeks the doors on several of the cabinets began to melt as the laminate began to pull away from the material underneath. Capital replaced several of the doors but the problem occurred again, involving a total of six out of 30 doors. A Holiday Kitchens representative inspected the cabinets and concluded that the melting was due to excessive heat, the result of the doors being placed too close to the stove. Malul filed a suit in a New York State court alleging among other things breach of warranties. Is he right?

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