case study for Organizational behavior and conflict management”course. Here are the details about the Case study requirements. Learning Objectives All learning objectives for this assignment are based around the last five Units covered in the course material. Your ability to understand and apply the course material to the case study is paramount and the key to achieving a good mark. The five main objectives of this case study are: Analyze if power and power relationships are the cause of conflict? Analyze the leadership traits of key players and how this contributes to conflict and its resolution Analyze how communication affects conflict Identify the sources of conflict in a complex, multidimensional situation Analyze the decision making processes of individual and how this affects conflict. Subjects Covered Unit 1 – Conflict, Perception, Personality, and Values Unit 2 – Conflict Diagnosis Unit 3 – Identification of sources of Conflict Unit 4 – Conflict Management Strategies Unit 5 – Power and Relationships’ Unit 6 – Labour Relations Conflict and Alternate Dispute Resolution Unit 7 – Communication and Inter Pers Skills Unit 8 – Leadership and the Manager’s role Unit 9 – Decisions Suggestions How to Approach This Case Study For this case study you must apply all of Units covered in the course in a clear and concise manner. I am looking to see how you apply the techniques in the course and apply them using the recommended case study guide. This is going to be the greatest challenge of the case study and really differentiates ourselves academically, not just understanding the concepts of each unit, but being able to apply them to a real world setting. The quality of your analysis and your ability to convey that analysis through effective writing are key to an effective case analysis, not quantity. File submission Format MS Word Specifications of the Case Study The full content length of the case study Action Plan should not exceed 10 pages 1.5 line spacing, 11 pt Arial or Calibri font. The 10 pages does not include title pages, table of contents, graphs and appendices. Remember it is the quality of your analysis NOT quantity. Formatting is at your discretion, however your case study must look professional with clear section headings. (advise using the case study guideline) You are expected to follow standard referencing protocols along with proper grammar, spelling and clarity for your case study submission. Resources are available to you to assist in ensuring that your case is well written.

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