choose a company that had its IPO (Initial Public Offering) in 2014, 2015, or 2016. That is, the company became public on 2014 or after. Do research about the company and write about the financial situation of the company. Include figures, charts, statistics. Focus on the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement. Write about how well you expect the company to perform in the next five years (Or if you think the company will decline in value, you can also write from that perspective). Value the price of the stock one year from now and five years from now. You can look at these websites to get info: There needs to be at least five references in APA style Charts, or tables must be included Need to include estimate of company stock valuation for 8/15/17 and 8/15/2021 Also, prepare a PowerPoint presentation based on your research (10 to 15 slides) Submit a Word File for the writing plus a PowerPoint file for the presentation (Submit both at the same time) The PowerPoint presentation is to be presented in class on 08/15/16 or a video must be created to get full credit ( (If doing a video, attach it together with the Word File and PowerPoint File)

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