Create a sales leadership philosophy and plan to prepare for advancement to an executive-level leadership position in sales management. Identify factors that complement your selling style in a global environment. Assess your sales skills and abilities. In this assessment, you are expected to: Distinguish the role of a collaborative sales leader in virtual, global, and culturally diverse environments. Identify current and emerging trends supporting leadership in sales force development through resource planning, recruitment, training, motivation, and assessment. Create a personal leadership philosophy, in preparation for advancing to an executive-level sales management position. Focus on collaborative leadership in virtual, global, and culturally diverse environments. Part 1 – Sales Leadership Philosophy Analyze your approach to sales and the role of the sales professional. Through your personal observations, experience, readings, and coursework, critique the theory and practice of sales leadership. Describe your personal sales leadership philosophy. How does this complement your selling philosophy? What makes you choose this sales leadership philosophy? How does this philosophy prepare you for an executive-level sales management position? Describe the typical relationship between a salesperson and his or her manager, given this philosophy. You may want to examine communication, motivation, training, and other elements.

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